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Evren Ulusoy

Evren Ulusoy
Deep House,Tech-House, Progressive
Record Labels:
Proton, Readymix, Night Drive, Outside The Box, Loco Records, Baroque, Brown Eyed Boyz

Hailing from Turkey, On December 25th, 1980 Evren Ulusoy saw the light of day in the beautiful Country called Turkey.He collected all sorts of things to do with music even at this early stage. He often exchanged things with like-minded people. In general, he liked to listen to anything and enjoyed not committing himself to a certain sound..and He thought that Is there anything nicer than working in the artistic fields of producing music? and after from this idea , Evren Ulusoy has grown into the electronic music as a , collector and true specialist of deep and gentle house music tones and sonics. The reason for the gentle passion was delivered to him via the parties late 90’s in his homeland and experienced many wonderful moments which became part of his life.

Soon after that, his talent was recognized worldwide and getting signed to Ready Mix Records (CA) ,Night Drive Music (GER), Proton Records (USA), Baroque Records (UK),Outside The Box Music (NL),Brown Eyed Boyz (FR) and more.Except this great signing period,At the beginning of 09' He signed full length debut artist album with Ready Mix Records from Canada..and this debut artist album includes additional single EP's with remixes from many outstanding and famous names such as Florian Kruse & Nils Nurnberg,Sebastian Davidson,Karol XVII & MB Valence,Subsky,Lemon Popsicle,Yvel & Tristan ,Edwin & Ferdy,Pawas and many more

It is difficult to describe Evren Ulusoy’s sound in a few words though,His style switches between many different genres. House,Deep House, Techhouse, Electronica and Progressive elements as well.Evren's sound usually flirts between Deep,Emotional, organic and classic house and Techno elements, room filling chord stabs and essential, perfect bouncing grooves.With his straight forward, modern approach to house music his productions are strictly aimed at the dance floor.he tries to reflect his own sound to his dj sets with unique Tech-House,Deep House elements.

Works of Evren Ulusoy, engaged in producing and djing since his very young ages, have been played and supported by many world-reowned djs and producers like Laurent Garnier,Hernan Cattaneo,Nick Warren,Dubfire,Desyn Masiello,The Timewriter,Nic Fanciulli,Eelke Kleijn,Sebastian Davidson,Florian Kruse,Nils Nuernberg,Aki Bergen,Big AL,Kosmas Epsilon,Derek Howell,Subsky,Dave Seaman,Nikola Gala,Bioground,Karol XII & MB Valence,Latenta Project,Dana Bergquist, Steve Mill,Da Funk,Satoshi Fumi ,Spiritchaser,Sezer Uysal,Dibby Dougherty,Tom Morgan,Thomas Penton,Joel Armstrong,Mike Haddad,Krummstoff,Cassino & Laben,Joshua Collins,Tone Depth,Andre Kroenert, K-Bana,Jon Silva,Ricky Ryan,Pheek,Matt Darey,The Glitz,Spiritchaser,Da Funk,Cid Inc.,Mango,Ad Brown,Taho,Exoplanet,Shingo Nakamura,Mike Haddad,Richard Earnshaw,Stuart Knight,Tom Havens (Owner of Beatport),Noah Pred,Max Demand,Chloe Harris,Daymare,Scott Harrington,Silverado,Craig Stewart,Martin Garcia:om Morgan,Boc Scadet,Danny Graham,Christian Cambas, The Flash Brothers,Noel Sanger,Darin Epsilon,Nosmo v Kris B , and many more...

So what else is there for Evren Ulusoy you ask? We almost forgot to mention he is an excellent DJ as well, having played in many gigs with world re-owned dj's and producers like Eelke Kleijn,Kosmas Epsilon,Add2Basket and many more.

He is unique in his fragility,deepness and intelligence chords

And also please Check out Evren's radio show named '' Kommunity'', every month on 3rd Wed. on America's most important electronic radio station "Proton Radio " –

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