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Deep House, deep/dark melodic Progressive and Techno
Radio Show:
6am : Montreal
Record Labels:
EJ Underground (UK), AlphaMilk Recordings (CAN)
Salon Daomé Montreal

Ameza, a.k.a. Eric Masson, is an underground electronic music dj/producer based in Montreal, Canada. His love and passion for this genre are both charismatic and contagious. His obsession with music began in the late 80s, spinning vinyl on his very own high school radio show. The mid 90s were a real awakening for Ameza - computers were now able to do amazing things to (((sound))). Ameza lived in Hong Kong from 1992-2002 and was in dire need of stimulating music - electronic music was his salvation! He soon began creating his own.

The domino effect really started when Ameza was introduced to Lee Burridge who at that time was tearin’ the roof off clubs all over Asia. This legendary dj's crucial guidance helped Ameza shape and craft his own unique dark underground (((sound))). International djs soon began playing Ameza's productions in after-hours clubs everywhere.

Other influences include Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Moshic, Guy J. and many others. South American underground productions in particular form a big part of the Ameza sound experience.

Ameza has been doing his thing for a long time and has accumulated an insane amount of very rare musical marvels: Techno, Progressive, Tech and Deep House. His style is sexy, deep, melodic, dark and hypnotic. DJ sets are a combination of spontaneous creativity mixed with the best electronic music out there – always a unique journey.

A true worshipper of the underground scene, Ameza’s productions were only given to a select few - white labels. Ameza recently decided to bless the club world with a very rare electronic music experience - twisted journeys where he is able to control the crowd like a dark magic sorcerer.

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