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  • Mashtronic Records
    "The new Release Promo pool is absolutely brilliant. So easy and convenient to use for label feedback and to get promos. Great work!"
    Mashtronic Records
  • Polytechnic Records
    "Release Promo is one of the strongest tools any label can have in its arsenal. Release Promo is a quintessential service."
    Polytechnic Records
  • Steve Lawler
    "Now this is a great way to get reactions! Very good indeed!"
    Steve Lawler (Global Underground)
  • Randall Jones
    "Thanks a lot for providing this service and continuing to do massively dope shit for electronic music!"
    Randall Jones (Mynt Music, Forensic Records)
  • Open Records
    "We have always used this site as an integral part of our promotions, and the new format makes the experience even more of a breeze."
    Open Records
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