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What is Release Promo, and how does it work?

Release Promo is a digital dance music promotion service which consists of DJs and other key industry figures who provide feedback on promotional releases. Based on those reactions, record labels can judge the strength of upcoming releases. Feedback from promo pool members is compiled in a top 50 chart and published on the website and in weekly emails. The top 50 charts play a major role in what other DJs and music buyers play & ultimately purchase.

Our state of the art forced feedback system is what sets Release Promo apart from all other forms of promotion. Before any recipient can download your music, they have the option of listening to your mp3. If they choose to download the track, they must submit the following information:

Rating out of 10
Are you supporting this? If the user answers yes to this question they then must check / uncheck the following selections:
• I will play this track in my live sets
• I will play this on my radio show
• I will review this track
• I will chart this track

Comments: Comments are mandatory. These can be used in the sales notes for your release.

With every reaction, labels also receive the DJ’s affiliations, such as:
• Radio Show
• Record labels
• Venues
• Magazine/Publication
• Other Affiliations

Once this this feedback has been submitted by the user it is then immediately emailed to the label for review.

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