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  • Sahar Z
    "Release Promo has become one of my main sources for upfront music, definitely digging the content!"
    Sahar Z (Bedrock, Lost & Found, Sudbeat)
  • Armin Van Buuren
    "I just discovered the Release Promo site and it's brilliant! Just login to get that rush of adrenaline!"
    Armin Van Buuren (Armada Music)
  • Tiesto
    "The Release Promo pool is a refreshing and easy way for me to find my way through the maze of loads of hot new promos!"
    DJ Tiesto (Musical Freedom, Black Hole)
  • 16 Bit Lolitas
    "Release Promo has been an essential tool for our DJ sets for many years now, love the service guys! Thanks!"
    16 Bit Lolitas (Anjunadeep)
  • Chicola
    "I get so many promos sent to me that I have no interest in. I'm really happy to login to Release Promo and get quality music for my sets all in one place."
    Chicola (Lost & Found)
  • Hybrid
    "Release Promo is the ultimate source for upfront promos! I've found it to be an invaluable resource!"
    Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Sudbeat, Einmusika)
  • Brian Cid
    "Release Promo is an essential part of the music industry, a top notch promo pool for every DJ and record label."
    Brian Cid (Endangered, microCastle, Cityfox)

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  • Replug Records
    "The new Release Promo pool is absolutely brilliant. So easy and convenient to use for label feedback. Great work!"
    Replug Records
  • Cid Inc.
    "The Release Promo pool is absolutely brilliant. So easy and convenient to use for upfront promos!"
    Cid Inc. (Replug, Lost & Found, Sudbeat)
  • Perspectives Digital
    "We're very satisfied with the service Release Promo provides. It's a no brainer to be working with them!"
    Perspectives Digital
  • Sound Avenue
    "Release Promo is the #1 promo-service for all Sound Avenue labels. Very easy to use and great to see so much good feedback from DJ's all over the world!"
    Sound Avenue
  • microcastle
    "Release Promo has been a huge factor in the success of microCastle, support from DJs that really matter and better placement and banner promotion on Beatport."
  • Steve Lawler
    "Now this is a great way to get reactions! Very good indeed!"
    Steve Lawler (VIVa MUSiC, YoshiToshi)
  • Sasha
    "I always seem to find that hidden gem for my sets on Release Promo."
    Sasha (Last Night On Earth)