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Progressive House
Radio Show:
Proton Guest Mix, Tribal Mixes Nube Radio
Various Sweden

Daniel Carlsson aka Dani-C is a Dj from Stockholm, Sweden. In early age he performed with his own written song in school. At that time he knows that someday music and perfomance is going to be something he wanted to do the rest of his life. 1983, 12 years old he took his first steps into Pipers, a big disco in Torremolinos Spain. The whole atmospere was eufhoric. The Dj was playing Kool & the gang, she's fresh. Dancefloor was moving up and down. The coloured discolight was striking him like a thunder from heaven. He wanted to be a dj.

He has a huge collection of vinyls with many diffrent style, all from disco, hip hop, ragga, funk, house,synth, techno and psychadelic trance. But it was the electronic music in the end of the 80's that affected him most. Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Jean Michel Jarre. For that reason he started listning to techno and psychadelic trance in the mid of 90's. In that time were artist like Oliver Lieb, Emmanuel Top, Etnica, pleidians, X-Dream and Union Jack (Platipus) almost gods to him.

Over 10 years he was travelling around the world with his best mates, enjoying the techno, psychadelic scene... but it was one artist and album, that really infected him strong into the music today "progressive house" SASHA with gobal underground 13.

For family reason he took a break for nearly 6 years, but last year he missed the music so much that he had to take their play again (now digitally). He gave himself yet another chance. You hear him playing his favorite artists such as Noa Romana & Deersky, Cut Knob, Dale Middleton,East Cafe and Oscar Vazquez.

Listen to his progressive house set on Soundcloud. They are filled with his passion for electronic music in his life.

Stockholm 140103

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