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Dave Shtorn

Dave Shtorn
Russian Federation
Ambient, Deep, Downtempo, Progressive, Techno & more
Record Labels:
Magic Room labels group

Dmitriy Galuschinskiy better known on a scene as Dave Shtorn was born on March 26, 1981 in Voronezh, Russia.
Dave’s music career has begun in the end of 90-s. Since that time he has worked over different styles and ways in electronic music, from ambient, down-tempo, deep to progressive, techno, trance styles and many other sounds.

Successfully represents Russia on international arena. Since 2006 he has had a lot of releases, published by the various European and American record labels such as Baroque, Babylon, Proton, Armada, Lowbit. Looking for something new through experiments makes his sound unique but with recognizable style.

He is active DJ since 2004. One of the few representative of Progressive sound throughout his career. At the same time he has no limits to continue creating. Dave defines his style as an "Abstraction" - a combination of different styles of electronic music (Ambient, Deep House, Deep Techno, Progressive House, Dark Progressive, etc.), where the most important are atmosphere and depth, energy and emotions.

Now he's owner of Magic Room labels group include 3 labels: Magic Room, Space Room & Deep Room.

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