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Progressive House
Radio Show:
Silly Waffles on friskyRadio
Record Labels:
friskyRecords, Silk Digital, Morphosis, microCastle, Polytechnic
Various all over Europe
friskyRecords, Silk Digital, Morphosis, microCastle, Polytechnic, Silly Waffles on friskyRadio

He may live in Paris, but don’t call him French. Journalist by day, DJ/producer by night, Faskil hails from none other than the culture-rich Belgium. There are no superhero tales to tell of a “child star” or “music wonderkid”, but if you have to be born with the talent, then perhaps it took Faskil a little while to realise what great potential was about to be unleashed when he started to tinker with his toys…

Like most great tales, this one began on a rainy day sitting inside in front of the computer. And as one (generally) does, Faskil decided to play around with some trackers he had on his PC. Turning some (digital) knobs and fiddling with some (once again digital) buttons, he began to realise that he might have just been on to something! And the rest is history…

Well maybe not, but in 1995 he teamed up with El Borbah to form the duo of Bump & Grind. It didn’t take them long to sign a deal with Exit Records, and over the years our ears were graced with not just one, but three albums. They were very well received throughout the electronic music community, particularly due to the way they blended lush soundscapes with the more eccentric sounds of modern electronic.

2005 saw the emergence of Faskil as a solo entity rather than as a member of Bump & Grind, and it didn’t take long for him to become somewhat of a cult favourite amongst the devoted fans of progressive house. His solo work has been picked up by labels such as Composure Records, Ascension Records, and Undermine Records. Aside from original productions, Faskil has lent his hand to remixing a wide range of artists, from the likes of Orbital, Guillaume Nyckees, and Burufunk, to Harland and Black Star & Frost - every single work gaining praise from all corners of the globe.

Aside from producing and remixing (and also being an uber-cool journalist), Faskil hosted a monthly show on titled “Carte Blanche” for two years, featuring mixes from himself as well as some of the hottest acts around such as Pole Folder, Derek Howell, Andrew Kelly, Chab, and many more. He’s now hosting a brand new show on Frisky Radio called “Silly Waffles”. Along with DJs Birdy and Boombatcha, Faskil launched the Connected Parties in Paris which have been massive hits with the local scene. He seems unstoppable, right? Well he might just be…

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