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Jaap Ligthart

Jaap Ligthart
Progressive House, Minimal, Techno
Radio Show:
Frisky Radio, Deep FM, Dance Tunes radio
Record Labels:
Polytechnic Recordings, Mistique Music, Atlant Digital, Lalalectric

DJ since 1999, progressive-house addict, producer, remixer, member of Polytechnics ‘Bundle of Joy’ but most of all, just a guy that loves good music.

Jaap always tries to mix his music with emotion, high technical skills, a nice build-up and a harmonic feel, from minimal to progressive to techno. On his website he releases a monthly promo/podcast that surprises friend and foe, in a good way that is. Constantly evolving his style, he keeps things interesting for a wide audience.

Playing at numerous events across Holland (from big ass outdoor dance festivals to nice intimate club nights), the number of parties Jaap plays at, is growing bigger and bigger.

Producing solo and as the Outrageous Okona’s, together with friend and ex colleague Steven Klaver (aka Dr Dev / King of Clubs), a lot of tracks are signed and going to get a release the coming time.

Jaap also played on several radio shows in Holland and in March of 2009 Jaap was asked to mix an exclusive set for Frisky Radio, which is the most important progressive radiostation worldwide, well known in the international scene.

Expect a whole lot more of Jaap the coming years, both tracks and remixes that are coming out but also the number of parties he’s gonna play at.

Okay, and now for some namedropping. Jaap played alongside Don Diablo, Erick E, Marco V, Benny Rodrigues, De Man Zonder Schaduw, Mason, Marnix, Ricky Rivaro, Cor Fijneman and ‘Schaamteloos DJs’ Jan and Branko!

And here are some Dj’s / Producers that supported Jaap Ligthart tracks: Sasha (UK), John Digweed (UK), Nick Warren (UK), Eelke Kleijn (NL), Jody Wisternoff (UK), Roell Saphire (NL), Block and Crown (NL), Moussa Clarke (UK), Miss Nine (NL), Andy Newland (UK), Jules W (NL), Stefan Anion (USA), Sasha le Monnier (UK), DJ Marcus (USA), Kira (UK), Yura Popov (RU), Dingle (Northern Ireland), Jim Star (Canada), to name a few.

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