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Progressive House, Techhouse, Deephouse, Techno
Radio Show:
Protonradio, InsomniaFM, Vibesradio, DNA Music, Mixone,,...
Record Labels:
Sound Avenue, Crossfade Sounds, Agara Music, Movement Rec, Stellar Fountain, Mistiquemusic
Mitrinique, Madloch

A relentless passion and drive for an enduring contemporary sound is what Madloch brings to the electronic music underground. Dominique Heyninck aka 'Madloch' discovered house music in the early 90s; his passion for this new sound developed quickly, he collected tapes from his favourite DJs and eventually began purchasing vinyl in 1997. After months spent honing his mixing skills Dominique soon started getting gigs at some of the local events and was eventually offered residencies at various local clubs. As the 90's drew to a close Dominique was deeply impassioned with electronic music more than ever and with a hunger to push his sound to a broader audience he began to get gigs all over Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Greece and Austria.

After DJing relentlessly for many years the thirst for something new led Dominique to start exploring music production. A pivotal moment came in 2010 when Dominique along with close friend Dimitri Chantzis formed the production duo 'Mitrinique'. The duo was quickly burst into the electronic music spotlight when their first single entitled 'Saturday' earned support from international DJ Hernan Cattaneo. The then unreleased Eelke Kleijn remix of 'Saturday' was played by Hernan in his live sets for many months and was also featured in one of Hernan's highly influential monthly charts.

In the Summer of 2011 Dominique and Dimitri established their first label imprint together with Christophe & Erik from Yunta entitled 'Sound Avenue'. The label had five releases that year which included the likes of Deepfunk, dPen, Martin Garcia, Nikko.Z, Luis Bondio, Sound Process, Simon Firth, Soulfire, Liz Cirelli, Andy Arias, Overtone Watson and of course Mitrinique. The final quarter of 2011 saw the label quickly grow into one of the most hyped new imprints of the year. Although only five releases into their catalog by year's end Sound Avenue had already achieved the illustrious #1 position in Release Promo's overall Hype Charts several times and had secured several Beatport features which are reserved for only the most in demand and sought after releases of the moment.
The launch of the Sound Avenue label imprint proved to be a crucial moment in Dominique's career as it spawned the 'Sound Avenue with Madloch' radioshow which is broadcast on many international networks including the UK, South America, Russia, Mexico, USA and India. The show was also recently added to Proton Radio's impressive schedule which is also home to John Digweed's 'Transitions' and Hernan Cattaneo's 'Resident' radioshows.

Sound Avenue's second release of 2012 came in March and it was a monumental moment in the labels development. Mitrinique's 'Green Mountains' EP contained remixes from Petar Dundov, Eelke Kleijn and Facundo Mohrr. The Petar Dundov mix was featured on the February 25th episode of John Digweed's 'Transitions' radioshow and then featured by John again on his Best of 2012 Transitions to close out the year; further radio support came from Dave Seaman who featured the track on his Radiotherapy show and also from Guy J who included the track as part of one of his hugely influential promo mixes.

As 2012 progressed Sound Avenue continued to build on its rapidly growing fan base by compiling the labels first ever compilation. 'Explorer 01' was released in June and included fresh material from: Audio Junkie & Lonya, Audiotox & Overtone Watson, Dark Soul Project, Davy Dee, Fancy Vienna, Martin Garcia, Mitrinique, Vinayaka A and Yunta. The release received much praise both from Madloch's DJ contemporaries and the music press, it also enjoyed an extended stay in Beatport's top 100.

Once Sound Avenue had become one of the most influential imprints of the progressive house underground Dominque's Mitrinique alias (with Dimitri Chantzis) continued to grow as well. The production duo found themselves getting bombarded with productions requests and by the half way point of 2012 they had already amassed a discography that included appearances on Stellar Fountain, Mistique Music and 7senses.
With the success of Sound Avenue Dominque became inundated with quality demos of producers hoping to appear on the much hyped imprint. Rather than turn away such great material Dominique established a new label companion for Sound Avenue entitled 'Crossfade Sounds' which was introduced in the Summer of 2012. The label made it's mark early on with the first release from Noa Romana & Deersky. The track 'Metamorphosis' was featured in Beatport's Must Hear Progressive House records for the week of it's release and it was also Release Promo's #1 track for the entire month of July. It was clear that Crossfade Sounds focus was cutting edge underground electronic music with a deeper twist.

A new chapter in Dominque's musical journey came in September of 2012 when he debuted his new solo studio alias 'Madloch'. His first single under the Madloch guise was entitled 'Colorshock' and it was accompanied with remixes from Manual Music's Paul Hazendonk and the hottly tipped Argentinean producer Marcelo Vasami. The single proved to be one of Sound Avenue's most hyped releases of the year as both the Marcelo Vasami and Paul Hazendonk remixes appeared in Hernan Cattaneo's September and October charts respectively.

As 2013 begins Madloch has a string of quality productions in the pipeline which look set to propel the Belgium producer further into the electronic music spotlight. The first quarter of 2013 sees a collaboration with the hugely popular Canadian duo Beat Syndrome entitled 'Waiting Game'. The track is forthcoming on Madloch's Sound Avenue imprint along with remixes from Bedrock's Luis Junior and Facundo Mohrr. And if that wasn't enough Movement Recordings, Lowbit Records, Soulfire Downloads, 99percentrecordings and Liquid Grooves all have 2013 releases confirmed with Madloch.

There is no telling where Madloch will be at years end but with his fortitude and eternal lust for electronic music perfection the sky is certainly the limit.

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