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United Kingdom
Tech House, Progressive House, Techno
Radio Show:
Various Guest Spots on frisky, Proton etc.
Record Labels:
Hooj, Little Mountain, Distinctive, Baroque, Dutchie
Various Major Venues Worldwide
Hooj, Little Mountain, Distinctive, Baroque, Dutchie,

Hailing from Massachusetts, Jesse Skeens moved to Orlando, Florida in the summer of 1980 at the age of seven. It was during his upbringing in Florida that Jesse's first influences, HipHop, Miami Bass and early electronic bands like New Order, 808 State, and the proto-acid house Happy Mondays and Stone Roses came to define his concept of sound.

At age 16 he began to create his own house music based on the UK's Stateside influx of what would come to be known as the sound of the Summer of Love. Eventually his music would be sought after by the most reputable DJs in the world.

It was Medway's first release, a white label, produced in 1997 called Fluid Intelligence that caught the interest of a certain Nick Warren (Way Out West). Played heavily that year by Warren, Jesse handed Nick his next track, Resurrection, which due to Warren's enthusiasm, caught the attention of Hooj Choon's Red Jerry. Jerry then signed Jesse on the spot, and the Resurrection EP soon followed.

Medway went on to create the Elements EP, which brought great success to Hooj, and featured the hits The Baseline Track and Solace, originally a remix concept for Lustral, then incorporated as an original track for the EP. Jesse's third outing on Hooj, 2000's The Fat Bastard EP, continued Medway's successful run for the label, and contained the standout collaboration with Sam Mollison, My Release. Also on the EP, Flanker, championed by the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Gatecrasher resident Matt Hardwick.

Jesse has performed DJ gigs at such well-renowned venues as New York's Limelight, San Francisco's Nikita/Spundae, LA's Spundae at the Circus, BUZZ in Washington, D.C., Boston's Axis, System Sound Bar in Toronto, Canada, Living in Montreal, Canada, Guadalajara, Mexico and the Womb in Tokyo, Japan. On the remix front, Medway's rework of Pete Lazonby's seminal Sacred Cycles garnered great success for Hooj, and successive treatments for LSG Into Deep, Jimmy Van M Ec-Ips, Astro and Glyde Chunky Humper, Pako and Frederik 45 Minutes, Rockwell Somebody’s Watching Me (bootleg) and UNKLE Invasion and Panik Attack have brought recognition and status to Jesse and the respective labels he's worked for.

Medway's original tracks, remixes and remix projects have been licensed to over thirty CD compilations, including the esteemed Global Underground Series in which no less than six appearances were made including two each from the likes of both Sasha and John Digweed.

After a taking a break from producing full-time, Jesse moved to Holland in 2007 in order to get involved with music as he once had. Successful releases on local Dutch label Groove Collection and Miami based Dutchie, signal things to come from the studio output driven by Medway’s new direction. As of 2009 he resides in London. New tracks and remixes consist of a mix of the old Medway groove with updated production styles on tracks like Keep Jumpin and The Funkk. New productions and remixes have also been picked up for release by Distinctive and Hooj including a remix of the classic 'Voices' and 'Waiting'.

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