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Micah Paul Lukasewich

Micah Paul Lukasewich
House, Progressive House, Progressive Breaks
Radio Show:
Ruhnsong @ Proton Radio
Record Labels:
Ruhnsong, Global Underground, ICONYC, Baroque Records, Fade Records, Silver Planet
Habitat (Calgary)

To purchase Micah's music on beatport, look under "Micah(Can)"

Micah Paul Lukasewich is a Canadian electronic music composer/producer with his feet firmly planted in underground dance music. After appearing on the scene in 2003, Micah quickly gained momentum by signing his music and remixes to some of the most sought after electronic dance music record labels in the world including Progressive dance's super label: Global Underground. Getting started on Tech-House/Trance Legend Chris Cowie's UG Records, Micah's climb was fast and furious with nearly 65-70 releases and remixes between 2003 and 2010 which gained him thousands of friends and fans from all corners of the world.

Some of Micah's notable releases include: Micah's bootleg turned full release: "Bent - As You Fall (Micah's Swollen Booty Mix)" which was championed by progressive house icon Chris Fortier for use on his well sought after Balance compilation on EQ recordings.The driving and hypnotic remix of Sissy - I See You on Global Underground. Micah's very popular remix of Slacker-Psychout which was played nearly every show for a year by one of dance music's greatest hero's John Digweed.

Micah also became noticed as quite a competent DJ when his Ruhnsong radio show on became one of the most listened to shows of the time, landing him a residence on progressive breaks biggest act Hybrid's prestigious mix hosting website The Hybridized residence gained Micah instant attention landing Micah DJ show's across the planet including a brief jaunt on as a touring DJ for Global Underground Tours.

It's is safe to say Micah has left his mark on the worlds underground dance music scene, there is nothing stopping Micah's continued rise with multiple forthcoming releases and remixes, expect to hear a lot more from this prolific artist and passionate disc jockey.

Condensed Discography:
Micah - Adore You/Arise - UG Records-2003
Micah-Acandavi - Secret planet/Silver Planet - 2004
Micah ft. Jaidene Veda - Come From - Fade Records - 2004
Bent - As You Fall(Micah's Swollen Booty Mix) - EQ Recordings - 2005
Micah - Mnemosyne - Aurium Recordings - 2006
Sissy - I See You(Micah's Only When I'm Visible Mix) - Global Underground - 2006
Micah - Epidemic - Ruhnsong Recordings - 2006
Gwill Morris - Forme(Shiloh & Micah's Shatterfist Remix) - 2006
Space Manoeuvres - Zone Two(Micah remix) - Lost Language -2006
Micah - Cry a River - Method/Baroque - 2006
Slacker - Psychout(Micah's Tribute to a Legend Remix) - Ruhnsong Recordings - 2007
Introvert - Things Left Unsaid(Micah Remix) - Arctic Wave - 2007
Smokin Circles - Lullaby(Micah Remix) - Baroque - 2008
His Boy Elroy - Step into the Light(Micah's Backflash Remix) - Proton Music - 2008
Kaan Duzarat - Organic intellectual(Micah Remix)- Only Records - 2009
Shiloh - Landmine Hopscotch(Micah Remix) - Proton Music - 2010
LaPietra - Killah(Micah Remix) - Ruhnsong Recordings - 2010

Micah's complete release/remix discography please visit:

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