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No Sonic Limits

No Sonic Limits
Progressive House & -trance, Breaks, Electronica, Tech, Deep
Record Labels:
Crosslink Music

“In the spring of 2010, progressive house circles were abuzz with the re-release of a track of unstoppable intensity, drive and momentum: "Lifted Higher" by Sonifunk and NSL.

The man behind NSL, No Sonic Limits, is Lars Knudsen, who’s been involved in music since 1992. Lars began his musical career under the moniker Dr. Retro, starting out with trackers and delivering music for demoscene-groups such as Triloxy, Renegades and defacto2.
In the mid 90’s Lars was one half of the Danish synth-act d:code, and ultimately, No Sonic Limits emerged from the ashes of Danish psytrance act Mindfly.

Having moved from synth-pop through psytrance, Lars now plays and produces emotional progressive music. Utilizing elements of progressive, trance, tech ‘n deep, Lars' musical output is true to the moniker No Sonic Limits.

Whether it be in his monthly DJ-show ‘NSL Presents Loaded’ or remix-work done for labels like Mistique, Underground City and Deepsessions, Lars is renowned for his consistent quality output, gaining him support from the likes of Luke Porter, Darin Epsilon and Ingo Vogelmann.

With more releases and remixes coming later this year, No Sonic Limits is poised to set fire to the charts once again.”- Promotional text: Tim Robert and Lars Knudsen

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