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Peter Martin

Peter Martin
United States
Progressive House
Record Labels:
Armada, Anjunadeep, Lowbit, Baroque
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Peter began studying music at the age of thirteen. Since that time he has developed a comprehensive, well-grounded background in music theory and has continually applied these studies to both piano and violin. While continuing his classical training Peter developed a passing interest in electronic forms of music. Upon graduating from high school, Peter used his graduation money to turn this passive interest into an active one and bought his first pair of turntables. This movement into the realm of progressive djing was catalyzed when Peter heard the exceptional Sasha "Xpander" cd.

Over the next three months Peter applied his dedication and determination perfected in classical studies to developing his skills as a DJ. Within a short time Peter found himself playing the local club scene. While playing out at clubs was enjoyable, Peter felt drawn to turning his innate musical abilities toward original productions. This led to the completion of his first track, "The Safar". After a year of continuing to expand his musical horizons in the form of original productions, Peter met Jimmy Van M and John Digweed at a local show. Jimmy gave Peter some critical feedback on his productions and advised him to send a demo to Baroque Records.

After a three-year hiatus he is set to explode back onto the music scene with a tsunami like force. Peter is set forth in 2009 to release at least three extended play singles that create a unique climate of twisted acid lines to beautiful melodic atmospheres. His full-length album slated for a late summer release as an audio graphic armchair symphony of epic proportions.

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