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Progressive House, Progressive, Breaks, Techno
Radio Show:
Suffused Diary on friskyRadio, Over The Moon on Proton Radio
Record Labels:
Quaint Records, Suffused Music, Suffused Polarities, Magnetism Digital, Cloudy Moon Records, Mistique Music, Baroque Records

The summer of 2010 was already picking up its pace. Because of record high temperatures the cities were half empty with only dust and melting roads, as all the people were near the sea or at lakes, rivers, ponds and all sorts of swamps... so to say returned to the roots of life. Despite the forest fires, crops dying and people having to stay in water all day as if they were hippos, the heat wave really had some nice sides to it in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. It was here where Lithuania`s most promising new deep progressive act of 2010 emerged, and the underground electronic music scene has never been the same. As summer faded and the temperature dropped, everything returned to normal. But not for Suffused, who is still showing quite high temperatures and bringing exceptional heat to the global music scene.

Starting with the show "Suffused Diary" on Digitally Imported in 2011, Suffused has continually presented the freshest upcoming tracks from all around the world. Suffused Diary has seen the likes of Kasey Taylor, Tomas Haverlik, Airwave, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Lemon8, Cid Inc and many other prominent artists in the progressive house field. As of 2012, the show was transferred to friskyRadio where it continues to host exceptional guests and leave lasting impressions with each episode.

In 2013 Suffused launched their own imprint "Suffused Music”, a label that has managed to make a huge dent in the progressive scene in its short lifespan. With a long and ever growing list of all star talent, Suffused Music is a label to keep in your sites. Releases from artists including Van Bellen, Moshic, Rick Pier O'Neil, John Johnson, Danny Lloyd, Kay-D, Dynamic Illusion, Kieran J, Faskil, Progress Inn, Matteo Monero, East Cafe, Ryan Sullivan, Stephen J. Kroos, and many more, keeping Suffused Music in the spotlight with a steady release of fresh sounds. Not able to fit all the fantastic music into one label, Suffused launched sister labels Suffused Polarities, Cloudy Moon Records, and Magnetism Digital (together with Trukers) to cover a wide range of genres including Progressive, Breaks, Techno, Tech-House, relaxed Ambient, Downtempo and Chill Out soundscapes. 2014 also saw the beginning of a new show called 'Over the Moon' on Proton Radio.

Beyond the labels, Suffused has been heard at a variety of events, sharing the booth with Cid Inc, Sonic Union, Ewan Rill, LoQuai, CJ Art, qoob, Michael & Levan, Kastis Torrau, Sun, Quartz and more. This year will see him playing at Yaga Gathering and with more events still to come.

Suffused has already made significant impacts on the underground electronic music scene since emerging from the heat during the summer of 2010. There truly is no limit to what will happen next. Keep an ear tuned to Suffused and watch as the next steps in this epic journey unfold.

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