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Progressive House, Tech House, Techno
Radio Show:
Movement @ Proton / Movement Sessions @ Dice Radio
Record Labels:
Movement Recordings, Tribal Vision, Vapour, Iboga, Lowbit, Spherax, ao..
managing: Movement Label Nights (Gr) / played at: Gallery / Ministry of Sound (Uk), Amsterdam Dance Event (Nl), Cafe D'Anvers (Be), Club Chervillo, SeeMe Fest (Bg), Club Decadence, Boutique, Venue, Animal, Ammos, Volt (Gr), ao..

Tassos Papagiannoulis aka TASH was born & raised in Veria GR in 1984. Since his early childhood he’s been surrounded by art-forms with Music and Design to play afterwards a big role into his way of living, being involved into organizing music events & art festivals since his 13 (!) back in his hometown, and having his first experience on turntables / decks in the last ‘90s !

The new millennium finds him attracted by the progressive genres of Electronic Dance Music industry, and Tash starts to spin House/Progressive, Tech House and Trance vinyls getting his first residency in Mojo (Veria) where his EDM journey started in ’00, and started building a great rep regarding his special mixing skills & unique style..

A couple of years after, he meets dutch dj Stage Van H and they join forces for gigs & events in Greece, forming the DJM Productions (DJ Movement) based in Thessaloniki in ’05.. Since then, the DJM duo has been responsible for successful events in Greece presenting artists like Gabriel & Dresden, Andy Moor, Kasey Taylor, Parham & Dominic Plaza, Harry Lemon, Leama, Eelke Kleijn, Cjay, Gpal, Nikola Gala, ao..

Since then, Tassos has performed in major events & top clubs in countries like: United Kingdom (spinning @ Ministry Of Sound / Gallery, London), Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, and Kosovo, to big dance music festivals such as Amsterdam Dance Event (NL), SeeMe (BG), Aurora Festival (GR), Butterfly Dance Festival (GR), Baracuda Openair (KS), ao.. All this time he has shared the decks with top artists like: DJ Tiesto, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternoff, Quivver, Spektre, Minilogue / Son Kite, James Monro, Neelix, Vibrasphere, and Ticon, to name a few…!
As a Producer, he’s been experiencing in his home-studio since the mid ‘00s, presenting his debut release on Greed’s swiss legendary SOG Records, with important releases to follow on labels like the infamous Baroque Records (Uk), Kasey Taylor’s Vapour Recordings (Au), Andy Moor’s AVA Recordings (UK), Presslab (It), Pure Substance (Ms), System (Us), Spherax (Sl), AlterImage (Us), and Tribal Vision Records (Cz) being a part of the TVR artist-roster alongside artists like Perfect Stranger, Brisker & Magitman, Vibrasphere, Tegma, Jaia, ao..

His firs album came In late 2008, entitled ‘Movement’ alongside Stage Van H launching at the same time their own label imprint, Movement Recordings based in Thessaloniki.. The album climbed on #6 of Psyshop’s Top-Selling Charts, following the 1st label CD Compilation compiled by Tash, himself entitled ‘Technical Progress’, another release reaching the Top10 @ Psyshop Charts..! His productions have been receiving the support of main ‘players’ of the industry incl. Hernan Cattaneo, Sander Kleinenberg, Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Dave Seaman, Above & Beyond, Nick Warren, Jody Wisternof, and many more..!

Nowadays, Tash is getting busy as the CEO of Movement Recordings, alongside handling the Event Management of Volt Club in Thessaloniki (since November 2010), performing on Clubs & Festivals worldwide, and sweating in the studio, focusing at the same time on his forthcoming solo album to come out hopefully in the beginning of 2012, after accomplishing a bunch of his ‘salty’ original & remix projects for labels incl. Tribal Vision, Echoes, Vapour, and Lowbit to name a few..!

So stay tuned for his forthcoming studio projects, and don’t miss the chance of watching Tash performing in major events & festivals around..!

Selected discography of Tash

Albums & Compilations:
Tash & Stage Van H - 'Movement' (debut album) [Movement]
VA (Compiled by Tash) - 'Technical Progress' (Unmixed CD) [Movement]

Original Works
Tash - 'I/5' (incl. Luis Junior / Nikko Z remixes) [Movement Recordings]
Tash - 'Fake Plastique' (incl. Dousk remix) [Tribal Vision]
Tash 'Boat Rocking' (Original mix) [Echoes]
Tash & Magitman - 'Volt Afterhours' [Movement Recordings]
Tash & Stage Van H - 'Easterwood Junkies' [Soundtribe Rekords]
Tash, Stage Van H & Toni Manga - Beats From The Bong [Soho Music Movement]
Tash - 'When Duties Calls' [Hyline Music]
Tash & Stage Van H - 'Sneakers' incl. Magitman remix [Indigo]
Tash, Stage Van H, W&DY - 'Voices Of Patlon' [Movement]
Tash & Chris Mozio - 'Family Business' [Baroque]
Tash - 'Shine' EP [System]
Tash, Toni Manga & Enormous Dee - 'Embryo' [Mistique Digital]
Tash - 'Pesimystic' EP [Babulon/Baroque]
Tash - 'Vitamin' (Original mix) [Echoes]
Tash - 'Absence' (incl. Nicky C, Manga & Dee remixes) [Movement]
Tash - 'Secret Island'/'Starlight' [Rococo / Baroque]
Tash - 'Hold Me Back' (incl. Nikko Z, Dio S,Basil O'Glue mixes) [Toolbar]
Tash, Volcon ft Ino - 'The One' (incl. Vinayak A, Dio S, Coda mixes) [Movement]
Tash ft Tiff Lacey - 'Sweet 17' (incl. Logiztik Sounds, T.Undergroove, Evans T mixes)
Tash - 'Cold Fever' (incl. Spikers, Insaneman, Nice mixes) [Carica Deep]
Tash - 'L8 Midnight'/'Duties' EP [System Recordings]
Tash, Volcon - 'Transparent Thoughts' (Original mix) [Soho Music Movement]
Tash - 'Urban Nights' (Original mix) [Pure Substance]
Tash - 'Tunnel'/'Emotional Impact' [UL Recordings]
Tash - 'White Blue' (Original mix) [Balkan Connection]
Tash - 'Ariba Kalimba'/'Down The Throat' [USB Digital]
Tash - 'Cuming Through' (Original mix) [Tribalvision]

Roy McLaren - Starstruck (Tash & Stage Van H remix) [Lowbit]
Dousk - Blender (Tash remix) [Vapour]
Nikko Z - Buenos Calling (Tash remix) [Balkan Connection South America]
SMS - Techquila (Tash remix) [Avatone]
Matan Caspi - You Spin Me Around (Tash & Stage Van H remixes) [Fatali]
Ad Brown - Elevator (Tash remix) [Indigo]
Gilat - The Sun (Tash remix) [Fatali Music]
Eitan Carmi & Cjay - Dreams (Tash vs Toni Manga remix) [Fatali Music]
Cid Inc - 'Magnify' (Tash remix) [Alter Image]
Peter Gun - 'Kellerbar' (Tash remix) [Tribalvision]
Bin Fackeen - 'Last Call' (Tash & Stage Van H vs Toni Manga @ W&DY's ADE remix) [Spherax]
Dr. Kucho - 'Eastern Promises' (Tash salty remix) [Bootleg]
Vinayak A - 'Let's Play This Moment' (Tash salty remix) [Movement]
Dibby Dougherty - 'Dark Sun' (Tash salty remix) [Baroque] - September
JunkDna - 'Dreamin' (Tash & Stage Van H remix) [Movement]
Dr.K & Nii vs Shiha ft Eliot - Living in Sin (Tash remix) [Jetlag Digital]
Horus & Seth - 'In A World' (Tash salty remix) [Movement]
Enormous Dee - 'Connected' (Tash & SVH remix) [Movement]
DJ Neba - 'Bugler' (Tash extra-salty remix) [Balkan Connection]
Solidsky - 'Broken Birds' (Tash & Stage Van H remix) [Balkan Connection]
H2AT - 'Getaway' (Tash salty vocal mix) [Movement]
Duca - 'Wide' (Tash remix) [Future Lovers / Plusquam]
Insaneman - 'You Know You Never Know' (Tash salty remix) [Soundtribe]
Levente ft Shirley Levi - 'Vonat' (Tash remix) [Baroque]
Michal Poliak - 'Victoria' (Tash remix) [Tribalvision]
Kled Mone - 'Moonlight' (Tash salty remix) [Movement]
Nas Horizon - 'Heartbeat' (Tash remix) [Movement]
Evans T - 'Hope' (Tash salty remix) [Movement]
Cid Inc - 'Zeitgeist' (Tash remix) [Balkan Connection]
OgiGeeCash & Dimiz - 'Vocalizer' (Tash salty remix) [Balkan Connection]
Beauty & The Beat ft Nuke - 'Sexy Beast' (Tash remix) [Tribalvision]
OgiGeeCash & Synchronized - 'Nucleus' (Tash remix) [Balkan Connection]
Brisker & Magitman - 'Cover Edge' (Tash remix) [AVA Recordings]
Alex Dimou - 'Miniman' (Tash remix) [Elite Recordings]
Matt Eye - 'Say Music' (Tash remix) [UL Recordings]
Nas Horizon - 'Epic' (Tash mix) [Let's Play House]
Drone - 'Night Out' (Tash hanging out at night mix) [Dezign Music]
Damod - 'Electricity 4 Everyone' (Tash remix) [Remud / Presslab]
Marocco - 'Hi-Rollers' (Tash gambling mix) [Pure Substance]
Kasey Taylor & C. Meehan - 'Simplicity' (Tash & Stage Van H mix) [Vapour]
Cristian Paduraru - 'Unconditional Giving' (Tash remixes) [Cristian]

Aliases & Collabs
41 Degrees North - 'Castle Beats' EP [Aqua Sounds]
Tash pres. H2AT ft Ino - 'Getaway' (incl. Magitman, Vinayak A, EnormousDee mixes) [Movement] - March
41 Degrees North - 'Theros' EP [Balkan Connection] - may
41 Degrees North - '24-7' (incl. Boronas, Manga&Dee mixes) [Moveme

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