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United Kingdom
Progressive House, Deep House, Tech House, Techno, Breaks
Radio Show:
Spring Tube Podcast
Record Labels:
Spring Tube

Technodreamer is a DJ and musician from Lithuania, who was engrossed by electrinic music from the early childhood and "officially" started his artistic activities in 2006. For years lots of different styles and trends had been flowing through his ears so this had determined his creative style and a very unusual imagination that defined obviously wide musical horizon of an artist. Without a doubt the main contribution to this development was made by trance and techno. Probably, this is the main reason of a variety of stylies in different works and sets. Technodreamer can sound melodic, smooth and deep in his podcasts, sets for the radio, while his live sets can be charged with energetic tech-house and even techno sounds that just can make dancefloors vibrate. But this is not the rule, there is no rules for the music.

Today Technodreamer is writing and releasing his own works while also working on a project called Slang & Technodreamer with his friend from Latvia, Slang. He has released his works on such labels as Spring Tube, Movement Recordings, NuevaDeep, Baroque, Digital Sensation UK, Incepto Music, etc. and got many supportive responses from many well known DJ from around the world. In the begining of 2013 Technodreamer have joined his friend Slang to work on Spring Tube Duality radio show and now continues to host Spring Tube Podcast monthly label show.

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