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Vincent Furlong

Vincent Furlong
Tech house, Progressive House, Deep House, Melodic Techno
Record Labels:
Sleepless Nights Recordings
The Academy Dublin

Born in 1983 and surrounded by an extended family of artist’s musicians and song writers, Vincent has creativity in his DNA and electronic music was eventually to become the target in which his creativity would evolve.

Exposed to pioneers of the rave revolution in the early 90s it was clear to Vincent that he wanted to be a part of that scene in some shape or form. At such a young age, saying he was a “fan” of that music was more than enough - but that was not to last.

From childhood to adolescence Vincent was a curious listener and consumer of electronic music. He immersed himself in trance, techno, progressive, and breaks mixes for years. Always trying to understand how a DJ could change from one track to another without any obvious changes in mood or tempo, Vincent’s drive to understand the art of mixing pushed him to get his first set of turntables.

He began DJ’ing by the age of 16 and over the years slowly claimed a place in Dublin’s underground techno and electronic scene by 2005. Vincent played in venues including the button factory, spirit nightclub, the voodoo lounge, traffic and wax to name but a few.

After years of DJ’ing Vincent saw a strong shift towards minimal and dark techno within the Dublin Underground scene and decided to leave DJ’ing for a while. A lack of melody and a sound devoid of any “soul” was the driving force for the break. While in hibernation he focused primarily on audio production which would allow him to contribute to the global electronic music scene as a whole and have a better understanding of the state of electronic music worldwide.

In 2011 he founded Sleepless Nights Recordings with long-time friend “Soulfinder” (Stephen Hogg) and released his first single “Lost Words” (along with Soulfinder’s “Satellite Circus”) as the debut release on their imprint.

As time went on he began working more closely with Soulfinder on his productions and released a number of remixes and originals both on Sleepless Nights Recordings and System Recordings. In addition to production the pair also compile, mix and release an annual ADE compilation to coincide with the Amsterdam Dance Event (which he attends religiously)

During the founding of the label Vincent began to take DJ’ing seriously again and in 2014 Vincent and Soulfinder launched their monthly Sleepless Nights radio show on Proton radio (and again on DNA radio FM) which features some of the most upfront progressive house promo’s and upcoming releases on their label.

In 2016 Vincent joined the Under The Influence family as part promoter part resident in Dublin. Under The Influence are responsible for putting on some of the most upfront house, techno and progressve house events in the Country.

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