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Progressive House, Techno
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The Facts
Record Labels:
White2Black, Mfai Records, Baroque, Outside The Box Music, Movement
My Friend And I, Mfai

“Weepee” was born in 1990 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

When he was 14, he got interested in electronic music.
Weepee as dj debuted in 2006, when he played in the party for the first time. After that, he started experimenting with music production.

He started to work hard. Joined to the biggest music
community in Lithuania "" ( now his tracks are favorites on this project ).

In June 2006 he released first, digital non-commercial album “001” with 6 tracks on it.

After a year he released second non-commercial album “See Ya”,
which got support from the community.

In autumn 2007 Weepee released a debut EP “Change” On “Superbia Recordings”. The first EP wasn’t very successful, but he was happy, that he is one of the youngest producers in Lithuania (He was 16) that released electronic music.

In 2007 he meets Kechas, Lithuanian hiphop singer.
Weepee created for him some instrumentals. “Just Try” project with him and Raimonda was one of the most successful.
On “Zip Fm” radio “Gatves Lyga” broadcast,
“Just Try” few times won first place.

In August 2007 his tracks “Discovery” and “Sunday Morning”
was chosen to broadcast on the OPUS3 radio station (one of the popular, local Lithuanian radio).

In February 2008 he released 3rd digital album “Mr. Valentino”.
Full of emotions album impressed many listeners.
About 500 people had downloaded it from the website.

This was one of the most successful weepee’s works.

In spring 2008 he tried to participate in the remix contest.
He remixed Ariel Curtis song “Cowgirl” and won this contest.
Now his remix released on “Bit Records Mexico” label.

In 2010 he founded record label "white2black"
whose vision is to become the biggest electronic music export in Lithuania

He is now 20, he achieved a lot and he will not stop.

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