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  • Armin Van Buuren
    "I just discovered the Release Promo site and it's brilliant! Especially for those boring airports or hotel rooms. Just login to get that rush of adrenaline when you've found something rocking!"
    Armin Van Buuren (Armada, ASOT)
  • Tiesto
    "The Release Promo pool is a refreshing and easy way for me to find my way through the maze of loads of hot new promos!"
    DJ Tiesto (Black Hole)
  • Hybrid
    "I think this is now the future of digital distribution for DJs. Thanks for inviting us, this'll be invaluable. Well planned, well laid out, seamless."
    Hybrid (Hybrid Sound System, Hope, Distinctive)
  • Medway
    "Release Promo continues to provide not only excellent up front tracks but the new website interface makes finding and listening to songs even easier than before!"
    Jesse Skeens / Medway (Hooj, GU, Little Mountain, Distinctive)
  • Dissident
    "Release Promo has been instrumental in the success of Dissident Music, and has been the best and most convenient resource for my DJ sets- bringing together some of the globe's best labels and artists in one easy to navigate location... it's accessible from anywhere when I'm on the road, and always at the ready when I need that perfect tune for tonight!"
    Noel Sanger (Dissident Music)
  • Frisky Records
    "Love the service! Release Promo is the standard to be met when it comes to promo pools, from interface to talent. A top notch key to our growth and continued success."
  • Curvve Records
    "The new Release Promo site is on the razors edge. Fast, simple and elegant. Its great to finally have a promo site that is easy to use and has many of the advanced features and functionality that weve grown accustomed to using on the digital download sites. The label administration is by far the easiest to use and most intuitive of any site that Curvve currently works with. Uploading music is simple and doesnt take much time. The reaction system is concise and gives me exactly what Im looking for. The new Release Promo site constitutes a leap in the era of digital music promotion!"
    Curvve Recordings
  • BeatGeek Records
    "Release Promo is a pivotal part of our operation and has been instrumental in the success of BeatGeek. The Total Promo Service has seen our music played by the biggest names in dance music which is a big factor in driving sales and I can safely say that we wouldn't be half the label we are today with out them!"
    BeatGeek Records
  • Carica Records
    "The new Release Promo website looks awesome! Now you can upload many tracks at once and it really saves you a tremendous amount of time. It's also great to receive the reactions so quickly, they go right into your mail box and are full of great sales notes to promote your releases!"
    Carica Records
  • microCastle Music
    "Release Promo and Total Promo Service have been a huge factor in the early success of microCastle, these services helped us gain support from DJs that really matter and thus better placement and banner promotion on Beatport for our releases."
  • Low Battery Recordings
    "We really like the Release Promo Pool, it is a really nice and easy way to get quality reactions in order to promote our releases in the best manner possible!"
    Low Battery Recordings
  • AlterImage
    "Release has been the backbone of our music collection since day one. The Promo pool offers invaluable feedback from a label owners perspecitve and access to the most upfront music from an artists perspective. I cant say enough about Releases commitment and dedication to quality music and their service offerings. You guys rock!"
    AlterImage (AlterImage Recordings, Pacha NYC, Aleph Recordings)
  • Sandra Collins
    "Thank you very much for your excellent promo pool! Its amazing! Overwhelming! There is so much music! "
    Sandra Collins (Perfecto)
  • Derek Howell
    "I'm loving the Release Promo service. It's a life saver for me when I wanna access upfront music."
    Derek Howell (MasterLux Co., Proton, microCastle)
  • Cid Inc.
    "The new Release Promo pool is absolutely brilliant. So easy and convenient to use for label feedback and to get promos. Great work!"
    Cid Inc. (Mashtronic, Bedrock, microCastle, GU, Epsilon Trax)
  • Luke Porter
    "The new Release Promo design is fantastic. Its by far the most efficient way for me to access quality upfront tracks for my live and recorded sets."
    Luke Porter (microCastle, Tribal Vision, Spherax, Baroque, Epsilon Trax, Dyami)
  • Harry Lemon8
    "As a working DJ there's no better tool than Release Promo. Finding the right tracks for the right moments at the time when you absolutely need them is sometimes a gruesome task.But ever since I joined Release Promo it's been so much easier and so much more rewarding. Best of all, they provide for my eclectical and demanding taste in music. Its basically all that a DJ should want...or need. Its my number One provider for my live sets and radio show. The fact that it features a clear and user friendly interface is a great bonus. I just love it!"
    Lemon8 / Harry Lemon (frisky, Armada, Bedrock, Restart, Jetlag)
  • Python
    "We really love this service! You get instant access to tons of fresh, upfront music in a wide variety of styles all in one place!"
    Python (Carica Music Group, Nightshade, Mistique Music, Toes In the Sand)
  • Kassey Voorn
    "I'm loving the Release Promo Pool! With the new website it is better than ever! A great way to get my hands on some exclusive upfront promos for my sets!"
    Kassey Voorn (Lowbit, Epsilon Trax, Low Battery, Inkfish, frisky, microCastle)
  • Ad Brown Maxi Valvona
    "For me, the new Release Promo Pool really does the business. It undoubtedly surpasses any other promo site. Quick, convenient and full of great new music!"
    Ad Brown / Maxi Valvona (Black Hole, microCastle, Curvve)
  • Lank
    "The new Release Promo Pool is really cool! A very quick and simple way to find fantastic upfront tracks! I'm loving it!"
    Lank (Boz Boz, microCastle, Outside The Box, Foundation)
  • Dibby Dougherty
    "The Release Promo Pool is a fast and user friendly way for me to get all my upfront tracks, perfect for my Yello residency as i play both the 'Deep Room' and 'Main Room'. With Release Promo i always have plenty to choose from for both rooms own style of music."
    Dibby Dougherty (Audio Therapy, Baroque, microCastle, Yello)
  • Jacob Henry
    "Release Promo is an amazingly convenient and efficient way to hear and download new promos. I also find the quality of the promos in the service to be very high, as many of my favorite labels have chosen it as their go to promo pool."
    Jacob Henry (Silk Royal Records, Proton Radio, microCastle)
  • justin-scott-dixon
    "Finally, a record pool with friendly service and tasteful minds behind the process of digital promo distribution.... This pool will help amazingly in staying up to date on what is hot in the ever growing amount of TECHNO releases!"
    Justin Scott Dixon (Bedrock, GU, microCastle, Railyard)
  • Niko Fantin
    "Congratulations guys! The new Release Promo Pool is simply awesome! A very intelligent design, very easy to navigate, exactly what I would have hoped for! A great variety of upfront promos that are perfect for my gigs and friskyRadio show!"
    Niko Fantin (Blue Magic on friskyRadio, microCastle, Balkan Connection, Triptik )
  • D:Fuse
    "The Release Promo pool is key to my music direction. It gives me a variety of up-front tracks to feature on my XM show and on tour."
  • Jerome Robins Zoltan Kontes
    "Release Promo has been an essential tool in our DJ sets and also an influence on our studio work as it keeps us a step a head of whats new and fresh on the production front."
    Jerome Robins & Zoltan Kontes (Perfecto, Stereo, Nervous, Play Digital, Curvve)
  • Flash Brothers
    "We love Release Promo! Its a great service for DJs which also helps the labels with reactions for the promotion of the release. "
    Flash Brothers (Bedrock, Armada, Curvve)
  • John Flemming
    "This promo pool is the way forward for jet setting DJs like myself. I can log in and get new music from anywhere in the World ensuring I am up to date with the latest music! "
    John OO Flemming (Joof Recordings)
  • Progressive Sounds
    "Release Promo is a god send for us, as it allows us to catch up on the releases of some of the labels we have missed out on, as well as switches un on to labels and artists we might have overlooked and is definitely a vital element in helping us to maintain our portal."
    Simon Jones (Progressive Sounds)
  • Mashtronic Records
    "The new Release Promo pool is a great and inexpensive tool to promote our releases! Thanks for a great and economical service!"
    Mashtronic Music
  • Open Records
    "Release Promo just got even better! Open Records has always used this site as an integral part of their promotions service, and the new format makes the whole experience even more of a breeze. The site has a great look and is easy to navigate, and its good to see the genre specific charts as well as the main ones. Think this is a top update and will be working it to our full advantage, nice work Release Promo!"
    Jesse Kuch aka Suspekt (Open Records, timeOUT Magazine)
  • Quarterlife Records
    "We have been with ReleasePromo since our labels inception and find it to be an extremely valuable promotional resource. The new site interface is very user friendly, providing easy access to various genres, labels, artists and charts. We plan on utilizing the new tools available to improve our process of promoting releases in the upcoming year."
    Quarterlife Records NYC
  • Forza Records
    "WOW!!! The new site looks amazing! I love it! Release Promo is now even better!"
    Forza Records
  • Bellboy Records
    "We use Release Promo because its a great sounding board for the labels new releases. Its essential for labels and artists to receive honest feedback and its also essential for DJ's to be able to give honest feedback without worrying about being dropped from a labels promo list."
    Bellboy Records
  • Undermine Records
    "In building a release, Release Promo is an essential step. Their roster includes the most respected artists in the industry, and equips the label(s) with the global support & feedback needed for a successful release."
    Undermine Records (Jay Sustain)
  • Polytechnic Records
    "Release Promo is one of the strongest tools any label can have in its arsenal. The scope and reach they have with both label partners and Dj members essentially guarantees not only the heavy-weight labels but the new, up & coming labels as well; will be heard and given constructive criticism from a wide range of DJs. Really giving the labels and artists a good idea of how up coming releases will fair on all types of floors. Release Promo is a quintessential service PTR could not do without."
    PolyTechnic Recordings
  • Steve Lawler
    "Now this is a great way to get reactions! Very good indeed!"
    Steve Lawler (Viva, Global Underground)
  • Randall Jones
    "Thanks a lot for providing this service and continuing to do massively dope shit for electronic music!"
    Randall Jones (Mynt Music, Audio Therapy, Forensic Records)
  • Sasha Le Monnier
    "Been using the Release Promo Pool for some time, its great for the travelling DJ, very easy to access and the site is very user friendly with fast downloads! I have featured some quality tracks in my sets from this site over the years!"
    Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik / Source Of Gravity)
  • Chris Drifter
    "The new Release Promo site is awesome!!! I always find great tracks in the roster very quickly. Searching hot music is so easy and this promo pool helps me to keep my dj bag up to date...;)"
    Chris Drifter (Soundtribe Rekords)
  • Hyline
    "Release Promo is as the name means, a great essential pool to promote our upcoming releases. Congratulations on the new site, a great step into the future!"
    Hyline (Jetlag Digital A&R)
  • Progressive World
    "The Release Promo pool is the most efficient way to get the hottest upcoming releases & to give direct feedback to the labels"
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